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Bonded Warehouse (Tucson, Az.)

Our Supplier Mall program puts you in the right place at the right time.

An innovative company designs logistic solutions that will help you to improve your firm's competitive position.  The ILS Company's Supplier Mall is a vendor "shelter program" that improves a supplier's ability to effectively serve its customer base in Mexico through the Maquiladora government program; "Service Maquila", whose activity is to deliver services that have export purpose or to support assembly plants and companies with temporary imports to produce export articles.

It gives your Customer an on-site and readily-available goods.

The ILS Supplier mall allows our customers to optimize not only their productive floor space, but also adds human resources efficiency by letting us managing their raw material, which means real JIT even for the production lines deliveries.

The ILS Company's Supplier Mall enables you to:

•  Exhibit and store your products in close proximity to their end users

•  Materials on a True JIT basis

•  Inventory available 24/7

•  Cut delivery lead time

•  Avoid costly line stoppages, & expediting costs not planned

•  Consign raw materials

•  Customs handling (Temporary Importations and Maquila to Maquila transfers)

•  Reduce costs related to personnel, taxes and insurance

•  Price products more competitively

•  Expand business opportunities through greater access to new and growing markets

•  Track inventory using a web-based system

Take advantage of combining these services with our International transportation (3PL) and Impo/Expo services.

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